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Simply Blackjack is as straightforward as it sounds; just you, a dealer and some chips (not the edible kind). The goal is to accumulate money and that’s it really, with more given upon losing the lot if necessary. At least the final mode, Party Mode, allows up to four gamers to share your misery locally, because if you have to play Super Blackjack Battle II TE, why should they get away with doing something else more enjoyable. There are only ten rounds per match, so it’s over pretty swiftly, however it’s lacking in customisation to make games shorter, longer, or to alter the rules in some way, which would add a smidgen of longevity. In all seriousness though, the option to be able to pass the controller around instead of requiring one each, is a good call. The major aspects of Super Blackjack Battle II TE that stick out as a positive are in the aesthetics and the music, both of which really do pay homage to the classic fighters. The visuals aren’t great for today’s standard, but you’d be forgiven for believing this is a game that has been plucked straight out of the ’90s; even more so when the synthesiser kicks in for the soundtrack. I do appreciate the effort to create suitable backgrounds for matches taking part in the different locations too. It’s easy to tune out of the Blackjack game and take in the surroundings instead, seeing the French setting feature wine and croissants, the ‘sugar’ covered table of Colombia and the heavily-guarded hut of South Africa, all playing host to the match-ups. Overall then, Super Blackjack Battle II TE is a love letter to arcade beat ‘em ups in terms of its style and sound.

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